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Antimicrobial susceptibility testing helps you choose the appropriate agents for therapy. By using our unique services you are also helping your colleagues by adding to this knowledge tool for the wider veterinary sector.


  • The ability to quantify antibiotic sensitivities by determining the lowest concentration required to inhibit bacterial growth
  • Allows the veterinarian the choice of the most appropriate antibiotic therapy
  • Allows better control of dosage
  • Included as part of IDEXX Laboratories microbiology reports at no extra cost
  • Improved Turnaround Times - results can be ready in 6 hours in some cases
  • Standardised methodology in accordance with CLSI (Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute) guidelines
  • The ability to demonstrate geographical resistance traits


  • Standardised methodology and a greater assurance that your lab maintains quality that lives up to your professional standards
  • More effective treatments
  • Improved cost control
  • Faster accessibility to results
  • Antibiotic resistance management