Superior Microbiology Information


Last year, IDEXX invested $117 million into R &D alone, as well as investing in technology that helps, you, your clinics and your patients.

We can give you superior microbiology information to give you an unprecedented depth of insight into your patients health allowing you to treat in an effective and targeted manner supporting responsible antibiotic stewardship.

IDEXX Microbiology


The e-swab improves on the existing transport devices in maintaining the viability of pathogenic bacteria until their arrival and cultivation in the lab.

The COPAN e-swab enables 92% of the sample taken to be released into the liquid medium within the collection tube> the liquid is cultured in the laboratory, therefore providing a more sensitive testing ability in the laboratory and a better-quality patient result.

IDEXX is committed to quality improvement and we are proud to be able to supply this product to you. We evaluated this product over a period of 12 months, including reviewing the literature and performing trials and validations, to ensure we were confident in this product before we began supplying it.

  • The e-swabs show improved recovery of bacteria compared to traditional swabs – one study
  • demonstrated the recovery of bacteria at 30% for traditional swabs vs. 92% for e-swabs.
  • The liquid medium ensures a homogenous sample and therefore no dilution effect when multiple plates are inoculated, which occurs with most swabs.
  • The e-swabs show increased sample absorption and release of sample compared to traditional swabs – up to twice as much sample volume as fibre swabs.
  • The e-swab liquid medium has been proven to maintain viability of micro-organisms during transport to the laboratory. The performance has been proven to be equivalent or greater than traditional swabs.

IDEXX is proud to use MALDI-TOF technology for microbial identification.

The system identifies microorganisms using mass spectrometry to determine a unique proteomic fingerprint of an organism. Specifically, the system measures highly abundant proteins that are found in all microorganisms. The characteristic patterns of these proteins are used to quickly, reliably, and accurately identify a particular microorganism by matching the respective pattern with an extensive reference library to determine the identity of the microorganism.


IDEXX has enhanced the default reference libraries by leveraging our global laboratory network to develop a custom, proprietary library. This library is focused on veterinary isolates and allows us to accurately identify isolates that are not well represented in the standard libraries.


VITEK 2 is a platform used across IDEXX for antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST).

It provides rapid, automatic, and standardised AST results. Every result is automatically reviewed by next generation expert software to identify if resistance mechanisms are present. If detected, results are automatically updated to prevent false-sensitive results being released.

IDEXX Results

Antibiotic results are reported based on collection site, host species, and bacterial species. Results are presented in panels that are clinically and technically relevant.