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Welcome to Pet-Resist

The IDEXX Laboratories quarterly antibiotic resistance surveillance report. Designed for UK Veterinary Surgeons and the wider UK veterinary sector, this report provides a geographical and historical overview of antibiotic resistance testing undertaken on pets and reported from within our veterinary laboratory network across the UK.

The data mapped is taken from results reported to you and your colleagues that use our unique microbiology offering, and is provided as a guide to help you in choosing the most appropriate antibiotic in conjunction with the testing available within our reference laboratory network, based on in vitro susceptibility testing and the quantification of bacterial susceptibility through the use of Minimum Inhibitory Concentrations (MICs).

What's New?

Data up to the end of December 2019 is now included, to ensure that you are seeing the most up-to-date information possible.

In 2017, IDEXX Laboratories in the United Kingdom launched 2 new microbiology screens – TNTU (Test and Treat Urine) & TNTS (Test and Treat Swab) designed to provide fast and cost-effective access to our microbiology services which provide the data for this site. These screens have been designed to allow veterinary surgeons to investigate quickly and effectively if antimicrobial treatment is required, which treatment would be most effective and at what dosage. For 2018, we have expanded this offering to include Faecal, Parasitology and Ear options.

If you wish to experience the benefits of these new testing options or to contribute to this data source to aid you, your colleagues and the wider veterinary market then please use the Contact Us link to enquire how to access our services.

Across the global IDEXX reference laboratory network, the same methodologies and technologies are used and to find out more about our service offering visit the Why IDEXX link.